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100 club

Here you can sign up to enjoy all kinds of benefits that others will miss out on


Join now for the chance to win fabulous cash prizes every month!


Only a limited amount of numbers left!

  • Be part of an elite limited club, only 100 numbers available, when they are all gone, they're gone.

  • Monthly prize draws of £50, £25, and £10.

  • Two featured bonus draws per year. Our Easter and Christmas prizes are doubled! That's £170 in prizes up for grabs twice a year!!!

  • A Truly worthy way of supporting the society regularly, without which we simply wouldn't survive.

  • Enjoy all the benefits of social membership, which is included. See our social membership page to see what you can enjoy.

Not ready to Join the 100 club but want to be a member of our group?

You can find out all about our fantastic membership options below.

Find out everything you are entitled to as a fully signed up member of the group here.

Signing up online is easy, and we now offer multiple methods of payment.



Social Membership at HAOS is far from a "watered-down" version of its big brother, and still offers some great benefits for a fraction of the cost. With new methods of payment, sign-up is so easy...




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