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Young members learning to construct scenic items

HAOS Productions and HATY are entirely volunteer led groups and the successful running of the society has only been possible through people generously donating their time for over the previous 100 years and more.

We believe the work the society has done over the decades has been essential in helping to support people from the local community to grow in confidence and develop key personal skills through access to developmental theatrical practices. This great work however is reliant on the financial support of members and friends of HAOS making contributions and fundraising towards the running costs of the Wellington Rooms and production overheads. (See some of our previous members' crowdfunding schemes below)

Any donations are gratefully received supporting the passion of the charity to provide affordable access to theatre for the community of Calderdale and beyond.

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100 CLUB

Another great way to regularly give is to join our elite 100 club and enjoy the opportunity to win fabulous cash prizes every month!

Current Campaign


Renovate upstairs
Wellington rooms

Project Downstairs

Initial Target - £3000

Please help us reach our target for this worthy project

What is "Project Downstairs" - The Studio 2 Development?

We have also identified that if we can generate enough funds we could develop this area to include facilities for persons who wish to visit us with reduced mobility. It really excites to think that what was once a humble industrial building could soon have level access and improved washroom/WC facilities, allowing even more members and their families to enjoy the use of our building.

We are currently raising funds to support this project and have initially set an achievable target of £3k to kick-start the initiative and hopefully secure some further match-based funding from generous UK organisations.


In July 2012 members volunteered to renovate the main rehearsal space and toilet facilities. The renovation took 4 months of hard work and all volunteers were proud of the transformation. Since this time the rooms have had far more usage, providing an essential source of income. Now other community groups also make use of the facilities for a small contribution, including youth dance and theatrical classes.

We have a team of willing volunteers that want to support this development, and have identified methods of generating SOME funds through internally managed fundraising initiatives, but unfortunately at this time we simply do not have all the necessary funds to pay for all the materials and any required paid for skills to ensure the renovation is safe and meets necessary building standards.

Part of the plans in the initial rooms’ transformation was always to renovate the downstairs area in order to have another space for small rehearsals, groups and to use as a dressing room for concerts/small productions we can put on in our main space. This is currently not a useable space as it requires a new ceiling, flooring, sound proofing, insulation, heating, plaster boarding and then decorating, including WC facilities.

Support Project Downstairs - Studio 2


chess board fund raiser.jpg

Chess 2011 - The Chessboard

In 2011 our production design team had the wild and ambitious idea of providing our audiences and members with the treat of having a fully automated 64 square under-lit rotating Chessboard that could move automatically whilst carrying 32 members of cast. This ambitious idea was realised only through the crowdfunding of the entire cast and their friends and family, at £25 per square totalling £1600 (A huge achievement in itself)

Many a tear was seen on the faces of the donors when the board moved unaided for the first time (on opening night!)


Ghost 2015 - The LED Screen

In 2015 our production design team had another crazy ambitious idea of providing our audiences and members with the treat of seeing our production of Ghost set to a backdrop of a 40ft (12m) wide full height LED screen, that could track on and off stage to create an upstage entrance/exit for effects and illusions. This ambitious idea was set to cost in the region of £4000, and could not have happened if it wasn't for the generation of funds through another crowdfunding scheme of members sponsoring a panel each.

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