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How does the 100 club work?

We decided the best way to describe all the terms and conditions of the 100 club was to start a 'Frequently Asked Questions' page. These are all the questions asked so far; when more questions are asked we'll add them.

100 Club frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)


What is this 100 club all about?

Maybe you've been to one of our HAOS fundraisers, or launch nights and seen cash envelopes stuffed with £100 given out? These are prizes from the 100 club! Want to be part of the fun and excitement? Please read on to learn how the 100 club works and how to join.

The 100 club works in a similar way to the national lottery, with some differences:

  • Participants pay to enter.

  • There are only 100 possible numbers (1-100), 3 numbers are drawn each month; cash prizes are given to the winners.

  • The remainder of the cash is retained by HAOS and used for the benefit of its members, to pay for regular overheads and maintain our premises.

  • Our game is monthly, not weekly.

  • Entry of payment is typically by standing order, this is our prefered method. However upon request Direct Debit can be made available (which can be cancelled at any time), and if required we will also accept cheque or cash payments.


How much does it cost to enter?


  • Entry is by way of purchasing any number (1 or more) of the numbers that are left available from 1-100. When you complete the sign up form you can specify a range of your preferred numbers, and we will try to allocate any that are available, if not we will get back to you with the available numbers for you to choose your preference. Each number you choose costs £5 per month.

  • Each number purchased gives you a chance to win one of the three monthly prizes, therefore it goes without saying that the more numbers you own, the more chance you have of winning.

How much are the prizes?


  • Our standard monthly prize draws are 1st place £50, 2nd place £25, and 3rd place £10.

  • However! Twice annually at Easter and Christmas, the prize draw doubles. 1st place £100, 2nd place £50, and 3rd place £20.


Is it worth it?

Last year the society paid out almost £1200 in prize money to its 100 club members, and the 100 club provided a hugely important percentage of our annual fundraising income (+£2000), so you can rest assured that all participants are widely appreciated by the group.

How do I play?

  • Initially you need to use the sign-up form here on the website, (there is a link at the bottom), then after that we need to organise payment.

  • The easiest way to pay is to set up a monthly standing order using your online or mobile phone banking. Click on ‘Standing Order’ on your online banking page and then follow the prompts. The account details are:


Bank: Barclays Bank, Commercial Street, Halifax.

Sort Code 20-35-84

Account No 20913111

Account Name: Halifax Amateur Operatic Society

Reference: ‘Initial,’ ‘Surname’ & either 'Ball Number' (if you know it) or ‘100 club’
Example reference – “J Bloggs 39” or “J Bloggs 100 Club)

(But you don't need to remember this as when you sign up you'll get it all again)


  • We make each month's draw generally near the beginning of the associated month, so for example if we receive your sign up form and payment late in the month of October, we'll include your number in the draw that takes place early November and you will be in that draw. However, if we noticed your processed payment early October, before we made the draw, we'll include you in the October draw. Either way we'll try to make it clear when your first entry will be made.


  • Another way is to fill in a standing order mandate, which tells your bank to pay your entry fee to Halifax Amateur Operatic Society for you (this is perfect if you don’t like the idea of online banking). You can download this form on the sign up page (link at the bottom). Please hand your completed form to the Treasurer, or any member of the Management Committee and we'll sort the rest. There is a quick guide on how to fill it in when you download it.


What if I don't want to play anymore? Is there a minimum term?


You can cancel your standing order at any time, just play for one month if you like. You will need to cancel by contacting your bank, again though, if you have internet banking, you should be able do this yourself on your bank's website, or on your online banking app on your handheld devices. We will, of course, be sorry to see you leave, but if you wouldn't mind dropping us an email at to tell us you've cancelled your standing order, then we can double check for you that your cancellation request has been carried out.


How do you know who's still playing?


Every standing order we receive shows up on our online bank account with the 100 club reference. The 100 club administrator, working alongside the Treasurer, checks and double checks the amounts received each month. Anyone who's paid is in that month's game, anyone who hasn't is out. That's why we'd really appreciate a goodbye email, so we are expecting to see your missing entry.


How will the draw be made?


The draw is carried out on a monthly basis by the Management Committee generally during their monthly Committee Meeting. Sometimes however, we alter the draw date slightly to coincide with a members' event such as a Launch night, fundraising event or large-scale show rehearsal so that we can draw the numbers live to add to your excitement, and show the other members what they are missing out on. It also highlights how fair and random the draw process is.


What happens if a number is drawn out that nobody owns?


We won't include numbers that aren't owned in the winning draws. If a number that is unclaimed is drawn, the draw for the associated prize level will be redrawn until an allocated number wins.


How do I know who's won?


All members of the 100 club will receive a monthly email detailing the winners and their prizes. Unless specifically requested by any player for social media anonymity, we will also post the results via our social media channels as per our communications procedures and guidelines document. All results for the associated period will also be included in any periodical newsletter.

The prize winners will also be contacted directly, so their prizes can be paid. This is why we need your preferred contact method which is included in the signup form.


When do the special bonus draws happen?


The double-prize bonus draws happen twice yearly to coincide with the festivals of Easter and Christmas, they are not supplementary to the ordinary monthly draws, but simply replace the associated month's draw. The Christmas draw will effectively replace the December prize as it's drawn in December; This way the prize winner gets the cash to enjoy at Christmas. In fact, we normally defer this draw until our last full rehearsal in December to make it that bit more festive. The Easter draw floats to fall in line with the Easter holidays.

What happens if I only play the Christmas/Easter draws?


If you sign up immediately before one of our special prize draws of the year, we will honour your payment and let you play. If we notice suspicious patterns of enrolling and cancelling on a high frequency basis, the matter will be brought to the attention of the Management Committee and the associated player's future eligibility to remain in the scheme will be assessed.


What happens if a standing order payment goes wrong?

  • If we notice that your monthly payment seems to be missing but we never received a cancellation email via, we’ll assume that there has simply been an error somewhere in the system and we’ll temporarily keep both your 100 club and any associated honorary social membership (if applicable) current for a period of 29days after the missing payment date.

  • We’ll also try to send you a friendly reminder message via your preferred method of communication, just to double check it was a mistake. If we receive no reply, or payment after the 29 day period we will assume this to be a cancellation request, and carry out the necessary cancellation process on your behalf. For Clarity, this means, depending on how dates fall, you could potentially be disqualified from one or more draws. If in the event that during this ‘hiatus’ period you successfully win a draw, your prize money will be held until clarification regarding the missing payment is received, upon which you may still receive your winnings (with the outstanding arrears deducted if applicable).

100 Club and Society Membership



Is it true that I'm automatically a member by playing the 100 club?


Technically it's the other way around, when you join the 100 club you need to be a member, we've just taken a portion of your 100 club payment and allocated it towards monthly honorary social membership; but yes, you will remain an honorary social member whenever you are regularly contributing to the 100 club.


But I pay Full Membership already. Does that mean I will get a discount from that now I’ve joined the 100 club scheme?


No, Full membership and the 100 club are not linked. Full membership gets you additional (non-monetary) benefits such as the ability to perform on stage, and is therefore totally separate to the honorary social membership associated with the 100 club, which is intended to keep you in the loop with news and provide you access to communication streams. For more info regarding our communications policy you can see our procedures and policies page.


Why didn't I have to declare anything about gift aid on my 100 club form?


As your honorary social membership associated with the 100 club is intrinsically linked into a service that offers reward (or a tangible/valuable benefit in return), we don't process gift aid on this contribution. If however you pay separately for another form of membership with the group (such as full adult/social/student etc..) we can process gift aid on these memberships where applicable.


If I stop paying 100 club will I lose my membership?


If you pay your social membership, or full membership, separately (i.e. gift aid eligible as per the above statement), you can cancel your 100 club at any time and your membership to the society will not be affected. However if you've been enjoying honorary social membership as part of your 100 club membership, then if you cancel your 100 club you will no longer be a member.


For reasons of clarity all membership validity dates are based upon the date of the first payment being received in our bank account.



You decide to join only the 100 club

You set up a standing order for £5 monthly, and we receive the first £5 in our account on June 17th. You will be included in the July draw (which is drawn at the beginning of July) and you will be an honorary social member until July 16th. If your standing order comes through as expected both memberships will be classed as current and ongoing until termination.


If you decide on October 6th that you no longer want to play the 100 club and cancel your standing order (by any means) AND you let us know by email at of your intention to withdraw from the game, we'll reply saying “thank you for your support”, and inform you that your social membership is valid until October 16th.

However, if it was in fact Oct 20th when you decided to cancel, we should have already received your October payment, so if that is the case when we receive your cancellation email we'll thank you, and remind you that you still have one more chance to win, and that your social membership will remain current until November 16th.



You decide to join the 100 club in November

But you were already paying your social membership quarterly (which we received the first payment last June 1st) and decided you were happy to continue paying even though you didn't have to - big hugs for you!


You set up a standing order for £5 monthly to cover your new 100 club involvement, and we receive the first £5 in our account on Nov 22nd. You will be included in the Dec Christmas draw (which is drawn normally mid-late December at our last Rehearsal before the break) and all draws subsequently assuming your standing order remains in good standing.

If you decide on Nov 18th (a year later) that you no longer want to play the 100 club and cancel your standing order AND you let us know by email at 100club@haosproductions of your intention to withdraw from the game, we'll reply saying “thank you for your support”, and inform you that your social membership is a rolling one and is not affected as you still pay that via separate means. We'll expect to see another quarterly payment on Dec 1st, if that doesn't arrive we'll check in with you (just to double check it's not an error) and let you know that you're social membership officially ran out on December 1st. You should have already been included in the Nov draw, but you won't be able to be included in the xmas draw.


However, if you decided half way through the year that your generosity needed a break, and therefore you wanted to terminate the quarterly social membership payments but retain your 100 club monthly payments, when we notice that your membership payment doesn't come through, your membership will automatically swap over to a monthly honorary one associated with your 100 club involvement. You won't even feel the change. We’ll miss your extra generous financial help, but we'll still be really pleased to have you here.


Can I still be in a show if I only support through the 100 club


  • In order to take part in a production on stage (or join a committee), you will need to be a full member, this is part of our constitution and byelaws, and protects other members against unfairness. If you want to take part in a show, your honorary social membership will not be useful unfortunately.

  • In this case you will need to become a full member and begin a new Anniversary Membership. This would come with the standard 12 month commitment starting from the 1st payment received in our account after the declaration of upgrade, which is completed via the online sign up form. There are no 'pay the difference' upgrade options from honorary social membership associated with the 100 club to full member status (The options to social members not part of the 100 club scheme who elected to pay annually are slightly different, see membership FAQ's for details.)


Can I remain a Full member of the Society and still contribute to the 100 club scheme?


Yes, in fact this is our platinum regular supporter package and is the best way you can regularly support your society. In fact, at the time of writing we have almost half of the 100 club members doing exactly this. The 100 club and Full membership are technically not linked, one can remain without the other and vice versa, so if you decide to cancel either at any time - it's no problem.

For example,


If a full member decided after their 12 month initial commitment to let their membership roll on monthly, and continued to pay their 100 club contributions too, they would remain in our top band of regular supporters. If however, they decided at some point soon after to cancel the Full Membership Direct Debit, their membership would automatically transfer over to an honorary Social one until they terminated the standing order associated with their 100 club scheme.


Why do I get so much extra grace if I default on a payment for the 100 club, than I would if I miss a standard membership payment?

It’s true that if you default on a 100 club payment (without notifying us of cancellation) we’ll assume it’s simply an error and continue it for 29 days, whereas any default on a standard membership payment will result in instant demotion of associated membership status from the missing payment date – why?.......

Well, it’s simply to do with how we process data. We promote Direct Debit payments wherever possible as we have instant alerts of reversed/missed payments, therefore if you’re paying memberships via Direct Debit (as per our requested preference) then we will know immediately when you miss a payment.

However, with the 100 club, unfortunately we are still asking you to process this through standing orders where possible, as this is our only viable option at this time, and our administration for this is more manual and labour intensive. We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this until we can improve the efficiency of this service.


Help - I need further information


No problem! - We have a 100 club administrator and they are contactable via They should be able to answer any of your questions. Alternatively click the "I have a Question" button below and fill out our contact form, and one of the team will reply in due course.

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