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Find out how to renew your current membership status - it couldn't be easier!

There quite literally is nothing to it...

Membership in the past was normally valid for 12 months and due in January of each new year. However we wanted to make things easier for everyone, so all this has changed.

Full membership is still a 12 month commitment, however upon completion of 1 year's payments your membership will continue on a rolling basis until you decide to cancel it. So, if you already pay your membership through our 2020 onwards regular Direct Debit payments format you can sit back and relax, you're still a member.

I paid my last membership the old way - What should I do?

As part of our 2020 vision we redesigned the way that we collect membership donations in order to help keep the amounts our members  pay down to more manageable amounts, and to ensure that the society receives a more steady, easy to administer, flow of donations throughout the year, as oppose to one bulk amount annually.


For these reasons we'd like to encourage all new and existing members to embrace this Direct Debit method, and it really is super simple to set up.


To sign up again now, just simply visit our sign up page and follow it through like a new user, we will then update your details in our systems. We are asking all members that are new to the Direct Debit service to commit to a minimum 12 month term, after which they can enjoy continued membership.

Choose how you'd like to proceed...

I'm already registered, I just want to change my details, such as address, email, phone number or prefferred method of communication.

I'd like to sign up to use the Direct Debit method and help HAOS get more from its members' donations.

I'd like to find out more about other available methods of paying my membership, or just an enquiry about membership in general.

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