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Never Will I Ever (Fundraiser)


2nd October 2022

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Never Will I Ever (Fundraiser)

Never Will I Ever - Our next fabulous fundraiser
Come down to the rooms for a social evening of entertainment and fun this Saturday evening.

Do you think you would have been the perfect Jean Valjean but in reality you're an Eponine? Or have you been patiently waiting for the opportunity to belt Defying Gravity as Elphaba but you're more likely to dance through life as Fiyero?
In our next fundraising concert in less than a week's time, a handful of our members will be challenging themselves to play a game of "NEVER WILL I EVER" and perform the roles they're destined to
never play.

If you want to watch the unconventional concert unfold come along to support your society on Saturday 8th October, socialise, and help us continue our work generating essential funds.

Tickets are only £5, and you can pay on the door.
Doors open at 1930, the frivolity (and sheer talent) starts at 2000.

HAOS Management committee would like to take the opportunity to thank Georgia and Gary who came forward with this equally bonkers and wonderful idea, and for then organising it all, whilst performing and rehearsing other shows alongside. Thank you.


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