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17th January 2024

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024


 Meet our very own Guys and Dolls

We have previously announced the Guys and Dolls cast, but a few things have changed, and we have now completed the line-up and thought you might want to see the complete cast....

Now that Christmas and NY is over and settling down we think we can give you what is likely to represent an almost complete and final cast list for our next Victoria Theatre Show - Guys & Dolls. Sadly due to other commitments and unexpected changes to life (as often happens) a few of the original cast have had to step down, and though sad to see them leave, we have wished them all the luck in other ventures. Please find below the current cast list as things stand, please join us in welcoming our new cast members, and wishing the entire cast a fantastic journey through rehearsals over the next few months.

Scott Armstrong - Sky Masterson
Lee Cannon - Nathan Detroit
Jenny Goddard - Sarah Brown
Rebecca Armstrong - Miss Adelaide
James Bonner - Nicely Nicely Johnson
Liam Wetherall - Benny Southstreet
Harry Illingsworth - Rusty Charlie
Kev Davies - Arvide Abernathy
Cathryn Riley - General Cartwright
Matt Stansfield - Harry the Horse
Kathryn Sullivan - Lt. Brannigan
Andrew Ingham - Big Jule

Hot Box Dancers
Georgina Duncan, Penny Taylor, Rachel Woffenden, Becky Taylor Sara Mason, Sarah Parkinson

Featured Dancers
Aimee Turner, Heather Kershaw

Aaron Holton, Amelie-Hannah Lord, Andrew Akhurst, Andrew McSkimming, Anna Tiffany, Ben Byrne, Carole J Greenwood, Dawn Brear, Draye Garden, Gracie Rodd, James Bex, James Russell, Jean Mitchell-Smith, John Davies, Julie Harwood, Karen Bainbridge, Laura Ogden, Nic Matchett, Rachel Bond-Taylor, Stephanie Honey, Sue Butterfield, Tracey Corina

Congratulations to all, and enjoy!


Want to get your tickets now? Not a bad idea, especially as some of the very best areas tend to sell very quickly these days. You can Book now by Clicking the Link below...


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