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HAOS shows for 2024


25th July 2023

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

HAOS shows for 2024


Finally! We can share some news regarding our plans for 2024 with HAOS Productions....

Thank you to everyone who took part in our market research questionnaire earlier in the year, we have taken on board all of the information and discussed it at length to try and make the best decision for our shows for next year. In summary, it was clear that the vast amount of our members wanted options that were inclusive, with large cast opportunities, and in the absence of available 'new' titles there was a taste for something more 'classic' or from the back catalogue.
Studying and discussing the results thoroughly was time-consuming, and with other factors affecting the securing of the shows it's taken some months - but we are now finally in a position to make an announcement.

We wanted to announce both the spring and autumn show in one post, so you could see how we have chosen shows that compliment and contrast each other well, providing a plethora of opportunities for all of our member's skills, preferences and tastes. Sadly however, the September show application is 'on pause' due to a possible professional production of the selected title being in the early stages of planning. Therefore at this moment we need to wait just a little more to find out if we can present the show we have chosen.

We think many of our members and indeed our audiences will be thrilled to hear that we have chosen to present something slightly different to the titles we have been delivering over the last 7 years, with a good old favourite loved by many that importantly HAOS has never presented before. We can't wait to start work on beloved, and arguably leading, musical romantic comedies of all time - GUYS & DOLLS. We will, of course, be visiting Buttershaw St. Paul's production at Bradford's St. Georges Hall in January to see how it's done.

Initially we will be looking for a production team to lead the way with this vibrant classic, and we will be sharing details regarding that sometime in the near future.


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