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Young Shrek to be on the tele!


26th August 2020

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Young Shrek to be on the tele!

Our very own talented Nathan Lewis, who recently starred as both Young Shrek and of course the memorable Lord Farquaad's Dad, in our 2019 production of "Shrek the Musical" is to appear in the most recently filmed episodes of the popular CBBC series - Our School

Over the course of the series Nathan will appear tracking his progress along side other students as the documentary focusses on students transitioning from primary school to secondary school.

Those who were involved with our production of "Shrek - The Musical" at the Victoria Theatre may remember the BBC filming crew around the venue, following him through his paces on-stage and behind the scenes, so you may even get some of this footage in the final edit!

We are sure he will be fab (again), below is a trailer of the series, if you keep your eyes peeled you might just spot Nathan pop up -  it shouldn't be too difficult, he's green!

The 1st episode airs tonight at 17:25 on CBBC, but all the episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.

Check out the Our School web site -


Nathan in Our School on CBBC

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