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Another new show announcement


23rd January 2022

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Another new show announcement

Matilda Jr. - Meet the Cast!!

After a fab day of auditions on Sunday 16th, HATY productions are proud to announce the cast of Matilda the Musical JR... 

Matilda - Eliza M
Miss Honey - Grace Q
Mrs Wormwood - Meadow G 
Mrs Phelps - Fizz P
Trunchbull - Ethan R
Bruce - Aron M
Mr Wormwood - Harrison C 
Acrobat - Maisy B 
Michael Wormwood - Ryan F
Rodolpho - Tristan J 
Sergei/Dad - Nathan L
Featured Mums - Anya D and Gracie R 
Big Kids - Niamh C and Katie S 
Amanda - Molly M
Erica - Eloise W
Hortensia - Ruby O
Lavender - Maisie R 
Nigel - Patrick F
Tammy - Jessie C

And our company, full of revolting children 😉 -
Amelia D, Ben H, Elisia J, Ellie R, Florence T, Gabriella R, Holly B, Holly H, Izzy R, Jess B, Maia S, Olivia D, Rebekah W, Scarlett B, Stevie J

The production team, committee and cast are looking forward to welcoming audiences in April, see you there


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