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We joined in!


16th October 2023

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

We joined in!

MacMillan Coffee Morning

We joined in on the world's biggest coffee morning!....

The first MacMillan Coffee Morning happened way back in 1990.  It was a simple idea: Guests would get together and donate the cost of their cuppa (or whatever amount they could afford) to MacMillan.
We absolutely realise that things are somewhat different with living costs & people sometimes struggling to make ends meet but,  it was truly humbling to see the numbers that turned up on Friday 29th September at our coffee morning at the rooms.

One in two of us will face cancer in our lifetime & coffee mornings like this try to help everyone with cancer live a life as fully as they can. Laraine once again kindly offered to organise this for the society so we could proudly take part in this truly international effort, we couldn't do so much of the things we achieve without her dedication and, devotion and generosity. Aside from the great morning's cake, coffee and entertainment, we also managed to raise a handsome figure approaching £400 that Laraine will share with us when the few last donations come in.

If you wanted to contribute and never got the chance, it's not too late, feel free to message Laraine to find out how you can still support this great cause.

Laraine would like to thank everyone who came on the day, and especially those who helped make it happen including Ashley Wade, Terry Tucker, Jeanette Thompson, Kathryn Wilson, Marica Binns, Sue Daughtry & Caroline Manders. We would like to join her in thanking everyone who makes these important and special events such a success.


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