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Roadmap to Recovery


22nd February 2021

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Roadmap to Recovery

Our Roadmap to Recovery, and a return to the stage!

After Mr Johnson's encouraging announcement this evening mapping out the country's staged plan to return to some kind of post-lockdown normality we thought we'd take the opportunity to confirm our plans to return to what we are all looking forward to - putting on shows!

Step 1 - Mid April

HATY should be able to return to the rehearsal rooms, finalising their current project and looking to prepare for auditions and starting rehearsals for WE WILL ROCK YOU.

Step 2 - Mid May

All being well there is a possibility we will be able to commence some organised small adult sessions, and therefore get some rehearsals under way for our Autumn-Winter HAOS season. Clearly at this late stage, it will simply not be possible to prepare either IN THE HEIGHTS or KINKY BOOTS to the standard that our supporters expect from a HAOS show, to be ready for the summer in a matter of just a few short weeks. But don't worry, we have irons in the fire for these two fantastic projects, and hope to announce plans relating to these in the near future....

Step 3 - Mid June

Hopefully our PM and his team of amazing scientists have got their predictions right and we will now be back in full flow, able to socialise at the Wellington Rooms so we can organise a launch evening for ELF - THE MUSICAL to be performed at the Halifax Playhouse at Christmas. And our fantastic cast of ASSASSINS, that have been waiting patiently on the side-line, can start getting their teeth into some Sondheim wizadry ready for November.

Therefore, here are some 2021 show dates to stick in your diary.....

WE WILL ROCK YOU: 27th - 30th October 2021

ASSASSINS - THE MUSICAL: 17th - 20th November 2021

ELF - THE MUSICAL: 30th Nov - 4th December 2021

We'll keep a watchful eye on how the government's predictions turn out, and when we are confident we can, with some assurity, we'll announce some first rehearsal information or get-together dates.


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