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Only Two Weeks To Go


13th July 2022

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Only Two Weeks To Go

Calendar Girls - Final 2 weeks of rehearsals

We just wanted to take the time to say how proud we are of the team making this happen. Rehearsals are a sheer joy to be at; the room is electric with energy, laughter and emotion. The images now floating around Social Media look stunning, and nothing short of the professional quality our audiences have grown to expect, and the same professional quality we are 100% sure they will experience in the Victoria Theatre auditorium in two weeks time. Can we please all take the time to thank Kevin Davies for his support in taking all the wonderful photos (we've seen the Calendar - it looks amazing!!)

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Calendar Girls is a project the management team was convinced our members would enjoy sinking their teeth into, and therefore, regardless of the very steep cost of royalties, we secured the rights without hesitation. We couldn't be more pleased that our assessment was clearly correct. However, as members, friends and supporters, we now need your help to make sure we can fill enough seats to cover that fixed royalties bill. Please take the time to book your seats if you haven't already, and help if you can by spreading the word, and by liking, sharing and commenting on any social media posts that you see from us and the Theatre over the next 3 weeks - it's much appreciated.

Good luck to all the team with your last 2 weeks of preparation for show week, you are all beautiful inside and out.


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