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New Free Workshops for you


23rd July 2023

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

New Free Workshops for you

Engaging and exciting workshops coming up 

We're always looking for ways to have a positive impact on our local communities, as well as enhance the experiences of our members, so we're delighted when we received funding from the Community Foundation for Calderdale to do both of those things!

Some of the money will be used to continue our improvements to the Wellington Rooms, making our venue more accessible. Other funds will be directed to engaging with organisations supporting local community groups serving under-served groups, hoping to make great connections with theatre. The last section of the grant was to support our members to discover new elements of performance arts and, through this, we are delighted to launch our workshop programme for the autumn.

Kicking off on Sunday 10th September, we have a West End MD coming to the Wellington rooms to work with members on ensemble singing, showcasing work he has been doing for the last few months in London. (How exciting is this?!!!! Thank you James Bonner for making this happen)

Then after Grease we have these exciting workshops in the pipeline -
*Stage combat: understand the basic principles behind what can be dramatic or comedic, have a go a pretend-bashing your pals!
*HAOS auditions - what do panels loathe, look for and love? With a mock audition process for you to reach a casting decision on, this will be a great way to raise your fame the next time we open EOIs!
*Putting together a set on a budget: if you are interested in becoming part of one of our many creative teams in the future, you might want to see how to turn any space, from the Wellington rooms to your kitchen, into the perfect performance palette!
*Puppet on a string: the art of puppetry isn't something we get many chances to practice, so this workshop is perfect to give it a go - there may even be a surprise celebrity guest!

Dates for these are below, but keep an eye out for more information on each of these - they will be free to attend thanks to the generous grant funding, but places may be limited so we will let you know how to apply.

In the new year, we are excited to bring you additional workshops, including stage make up artistry, building community theatre with and for deaf people, and an exploration of our major production venue, the Victoria Theatre!

Sunday 10th September 6pm West End MD workshop
Tuesday 3rd October 7pm Putting together a set on a budget
Tuesday 15th October 5pm Stage combat
Sunday 12 November 3pm Puppet on a string
Tuesday 14 November 7pm HAOS auditions



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