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Member's Area Now Open


13th December2020

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Member's Area Now Open

Our long awaited Member’s Area pages are now finally open for business. We thank all our members for the patience they have shown whilst awaiting this important part of our 20/20 vision for membership advantages. At this stage the member’s pages are far from finished, but we didn’t want to make you wait any longer so we released this ‘beta’ version for those priveliged few to start enjoying now.

What is the Member’s Area all about?

Our Member’s Area pages include lots of extra features only available to current Members. Any honorary or paid member has access to extra features and priority updates/news. Don’t panic if you are not a member and want the same access, it’s very easy to become a member, and can cost as little as £0.29 per week! If you are interested why not find out more on our Get Involved pages.

What are the extra features?

News: We at HAOS have a simple philosophy that ‘Members Find out First,’ so when we have some exciting news or update, our Members can see these updates before the general public on our Member’s news feed, and via social media.

Forum: The opinion of all of our members is paramount to us. Our Forum is a great way to ask questions, find out answers to previously asked questions, or simply let us know something that you want to be implemented or suggested.

Book the rooms: Our members have access to use our rooms for private parties, functions or events. In the members area you can fill out a simple online form to make your booking.

Find Members: Here you can find other members, read their profile info and follow them for updates when they make additions to the member’s area pages.

Digital Vault: Our members have exclusive access to our huge vault of previous productions’ digital media including photos, music, videos, press cuttings, promotional materials and programmes.

At this stage the access to all of the above has been created for our members, but the mammoth task of uploading the digital media is still being carried out, so this portion of the member’s area is currently frozen and will be ‘thawed’ in stages in the near future.

We hope you enjoy this new section of our website!


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