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Meet the Greasers!


21st July 2023

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Meet the Greasers!


Rehearsals are 'lightnin' now, and the cast are hot! (literally, the rooms are genuinely sweaty) 

We asked for a cast of all ages, as long as they were willing to work hard, and that is exactly what Kay, Ned and particularly Sarah are making this team do. The rehearsals are super fun, high energy, a laugh a minute, and we know this will be a great experience for everyone involved on and off the stage.

We've seen some sketches of the set and the car, and the lighting and sound design concepts, and you will not be disappointed! This show will look and sound very good indeed (oh, yes indeed).

We recommend booking your seats soon if you haven't already done so. Tickets are selling very well at the weekend, with best availability on the Wednesday (Preview performance) and the Thursday. Also we are pleased and proud this year to be offering a BSL interpreted performance on the Saturday matinee.

Just in case you haven't yet seen our cast list, this is the gang that you will see energetically flinging themselves around the Victoria Theatre stage in September......


Danny - Bradley Cross
Sandy - Becki Thompson
Kenickie - Martyn Beck
Rizzo - Rachel Woffenden
Frenchy - Sarah Parkinson
Marty - Sonya Calvert
Jan - Penny Taylor
Roger - Todd Wilson
Doody - Ashley Wade
Sonny - David Naylor
Putzie - Harry Illingsworth
Teen Angel - Fizz Palmer
Miss Lynch - Sharon Holland
Eugene - Nathan Hall
Patty - Georgia Bloxham
Vince Fontaine - Jason Jones
Cha Cha - Gina Bingham

Cameo Roles & Ensemble

Ged Marescaux, Tracey Moulson, Matt Stansfield, Lauren Carr, Faye Jones, Maria McAnallen, Vicky Butterfield, Alex Shepherd, Bruce Fowler, Simon Rothwell, Keelan Barrand, Felicity Boggis, Katherine Burton-Cross, Becca Campbell, Amy Carter, Mollie Dunne, Sarah Flynn, Victoria Frankland, Louise Goodchild, Adele Hill, Deborah Hough, Mariah Kenyon, Jenny Longbottom, Amelie Lord, Sara Mason, Amelia Matthews, Isla Matthews, Sarah Murdoch, Ruby O'Callaghan, Paula Rhodes, Amy Riddlesden, Gracie Rodd, Kate Shackleton, Ella Swallow, Rebecca Taylor, Dexter Tikadar, Aimee Turner, Jayne Whitehead, Liam Wetherall, Olivia Webster, Katie Wilkinson, Gary Wilson-Mort, Lindsay Wood




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