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Let's meet the "Company"


22nd January 2023

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Let's meet the "Company"

We are enormously grateful to all our Casting Panel members, and those who auditioned for Company. The team worked well into the late evening on the day of auditions to ensure they secured the very best cast to present this challenging Sondheim masterpiece, and we think you'll agree that they have achieved just that. And here they are....

Let's meet the "Company"

Say hello to the recently appointed cast of this Sondheim classic.

Bobby - Jason Weightman
Sarah - Rachel Doyle-Richards
Harry - Joe Ainley-Mitchell
Susan - Sarah Beckett
Peter - Todd Wilson
Jenny - Bethany Brewer
David - Chris Walker-Patel
Amy - Jenny Goddard
Paul - Gary Wilson-Mort
Joanne - Michele Stevenson
Larry - John Davies
Marta - Emily Speake
Kathy - Catherine Rice
April - Sonya Louise Morris

First rehearsals are kicking off this week, and we wish this amazing team all the best getting stuck in.

Tickets will be on sale soon, and we will inform everyone via social media and the website as soon as this happens - watch this space!


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