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Introducing the West Side Cast


18th June 2022

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Introducing the West Side Cast

We are super excited to share with you the talented cast HATY have secured to present their next Playhouse production of West Side Story.

After a long day including many impressive auditions by some of the finest young performers of our community we have been fortunate to secure an amazing young cast, and here they are.....

Tony - Lucus Hemingway

Maria - Charley Wright

The Riffs

Riff - Zarek Szewczyk

Anybodys - Eliza McCann

Action - Aaron Holton

A-Rab - Nathan Lewis

Baby John - Ben Hinchcliffe

Snowgal - Gracie Rodd

Big Deal - Maisie Bush

Diesel - Harrison Clarke

Mouthpiece - Katie Stansfield

Gee-tar - Jessie Cannon

Graziella - Ruby O'Callaghan

Velma - Emily Hooper

Minnie - Ella Phillips

Clarice - Lilli Barber

Pauline - Blossom Palmer

Maralyn - Ellie Hodgson

The Sharks

Bernardo - Ethan Rodmell

Chino - Aron Mir

Indio - Samuel Ashton

Louisa - Maia Shad

Anxious - Dexter Phillips

Nibbles - Scarlett Bates

Juano - Lucia Joseph

Anita - Naimh Collins

Rosalia - Amy Symonds

Consuelo - Mia Fox

Francisca & Somewhere Soloist - Evie Rose Owen

Estella - Emily Halighan

Margarita - Iris Peers-Webb

Teresita - Anya Dales

We know that this talented bunch, under the watchful eyes and talented brains of Ashley, Graham, Georgia and Keira, won't need luck to create a powerful production, so we'll just wish you all a rewarding, passionate, and above all enjoyable rehearsal period over the next few months. We can't wait to see you on stage in October.


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