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Hunchback Clergy Announced


1st August 2021

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Hunchback Clergy Announced

Our Production team for Hunchback of Notre Dame.....

HAOS are immensely excited about securing the rights to be one of the earliest societies in the north of England to perform this spectacular masterpiece cram-packed with some of the most luscious & evocative music written for film or stage. We are even more excited now that we can officially announce the team we have carefully selected to craft the unique and ambitious vision we want this piece to be.

We'd like to take the time to wish them a huge HAOS welcome, although none of the team are strangers having worked on multiple projects in the past together. We wish them the very best in casting the show, which starts later this month with a social evening and launch event at the Wellington Rooms. Thank you to Graham, Yvonne and Ben for joining the Hunchback Team, we know that to many they will be very familiar faces, but perhaps not to everyone, so let's take a moment to share some details about them....


Yvonne has been involved in local theatre for the last 25 years both on and off stage. As a long term supporter and committee member of both the adult and junior society, Yvonne is delighted to be back in the role of director for The Hunchback of Notre Dame with HAOS. 

Previous directorial credits include Memories from the Musicals, Sweeney Todd, Whistle Down the Wind, Rent and Jesus Christ Superstar. Yvonne would like to welcome you all to be involved in this exciting epic, which has something for everyone


Graham is a familiar face throughout Calderdale, having been musical director and/or rehearsal pianist for many varied musical productions and with a wide range of musical theatre groups.

Productions with HAOS and HATY have featured prominently over many years and Graham is delighted to be working with Ben and Yvonne on The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A challenging show of epic proportions, this show promises to be something very spectacular with lots of big, dramatic singing for everyone involved.


Jack of all trades…, Ben has appeared in and around the musical theatre scene of Calderdale and beyond in more guises than his grey matter has the ability to recall. Now he is thoroughly excited to act as an assistant to both Yvonne & Graham in achieving the grand and somewhat ambitious vision the three are already developing.

Ben has commented that this production truly has the mark of being a “Chess 2” with the challenge being all too familiar to those involved in 2011, and he can’t wait to get together a huge cast to sing it. There truly is a place in this piece for everybody!


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