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Do you hear THESE people sing?


21st July 2023

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Do you hear THESE people sing?

Do you hear the people sing?

Join the revolution this November as HATY present one of the most iconic musicals ever written.....

Rehearsals are now well underway and our fabulous cast are firing through the complex material and well in to blocking. The vocals are sounding amazing and the drama is starting to come together now we are on the floor; we are so proud of how hard the cast are working. 

If you haven't seen the cast list on social media, here is a peek into who you will be seeing performing with us:


Jean Valjean - Harrison Clarke
Javert - Aaron Holton
Fantine - Grace Quanne
Little Cosette - Gracie May Mortimer
Thenardier - Ben Hinchcliffe
Mdm Thenardier - Emily Hooper
Gavroche - Carter Blakeley
Eponine - Iris Peers Web
Cosette - Evie Rose Owen
Little Eponine - Maisie Rana
Enjolras - Aron Mir
Marius - Lucas Hemmingway
Grantaire - Nathan Lewis
Combeferre - Tom Owen
Feuilly - Alex Wanklyn
Courfeyrac - Ethan Broomfield
Joly - Andrew Naylor
Lesgles - Patrick Foster

Featured Company

Chloe Turton, Eliza McCann, Ellie Hodgson, Emily Hallighan, Gracie Rodd, Jessie Cannon, Katie Stansfield, Lucia Joseph, Maisy Bush, Mia Fox, Niamh Collins, Scarlett Bate


Dexter Phillips, Joseph Mason, Holly Smith, Rowan Kelly, Aurelia Grundy, Maia Shad, Amelie Lord, Ria Tandon, Thomas Naylor

The cast are excited to be taking a trip to London to watch the Westend production in August for some further research. Our own Jean Valjean has already been in touch with the current Westend Jean Valjean who has been kind enough to answer any questions he has regarding this challenging role.   

Tickets will be on sale very soon, we will update you on social media as soon as they go live. We expect this one to sell fast so don't leave it until the last minute and risk missing out on what is going to be a truly epic production.    

Watch this space.


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