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First 2 Calendar Girls recruited!


29th August 2021

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

First 2 Calendar Girls recruited!

Our Production team for Calendar Girls The Musical .....

There are many reasons to be excited about Calendar Girls - the fact that it’s a unique story about the women of Yorkshire being just one of them. The creation of “that calendar” broke all kinds of conventions and has provided the backbone for the film, the play and now the musical, and will require a true leap of faith from the principal cast; the nude calendar caused such a stir in real life because it was so daring and could have left the women vulnerable.

With all of the above in mind, and given the requirement to get into the minds of a real breadth of female characters driving the central story, when discussing the practicalities of producing such a ground-breaking show, the management committee were excited to consider a first for HAOS in over 30 years - the possibility of an all-female team behind it. Because of this, we were especially keen to encourage women to apply for each of the production team roles. No show lends itself more to the concept of women supporting women; it’s what the central theme is, after all.

We are very happy and excited to announce that HAOS has succeeded in delivering that ambition by appointing two hugely talented and experienced ladies to carry the show through to its undoubted success. We know you'll agree when you read all about Anita and Keira below....


Anita is a multi-award winning Director and Choreographer with over 20 years experience. She has worked extensively with professional, community and youth groups and has numerous critically acclaimed productions under her belt. She has directed and choreographed over 50 full-scale musicals, over 20 Opera’s and Operettas and several plays and reviews. 

Anita also works as a theatre practitioner with a range of diverse groups. She works with adults, children and young people, young offenders and prisoners using theatre as a tool for social change and empowerment. She runs projects for young people allowing them to explore all aspects of the theatre and create their own spectacular pieces. 

Anita believes it is essential for everyone to have access to the arts, as it empowers individuals and provides unrivalled personal growth. She sits as a trustee for Leeds Community Arts Network in order to help Leeds be an ‘arts for all’ city. 

Anita can’t wait to get started on HAOS’s production of this wonderful musical! 


Keira is a freelance piano and singing teacher, and has over a decade's experience in local musical theatre, as a performer, band musician, and musical director.

Her most recent credits as musical director include Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Oliver!, Big: the Musical, Jekyll & Hyde and 9 to 5.

Calendar Girls is a wonderful show that speaks to Keira's Yorkshire heart (and accent!), and she looks forward to joining HAOS in bringing it to the stage

What happens next?...
Our next step will be to get together with the ladies above as soon as we can. We'll make some headway towards organisation of the casting process & start putting plans together for a launch evening similar to the one we had this weekend for Hunchback. Watch this space, our social media channels and any mailouts for the final detail when it is confirmed.


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