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Our next theatrical event at the rooms


14th March 2022

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Our next theatrical event at the rooms

The Wellington Rooms Studio is open again!

Cutting Edge Theatre Company brings the ever popular Willy Russell Play "Blood Brothers" to the Wellington Rooms in April.

Mickey is brought up with his seven older siblings by his struggling single mother, Mrs Johnstone. His twin brother, Edward, however is brought up as the only child of the wealthy Lyons family, who live nearby, after Mrs Lyons persuaded Mrs Johnstone to hand over one of her twins at birth. Mickey and Edward don’t meet each other until they’re seven years old, but immediately become best friends and blood brothers. The bond continues when the boys are teenagers and both live in the countryside, despite them both being in love with Mickey’s neighbour Linda. However, as they get older, the huge difference in their backgrounds pulls them apart and eventually leads to their tragic deaths.

Starring some well recognised and respected names from the community dramatic arts scene of the local area, this is expected to be a huge success, and the almost immediate sell-out run is testament to that.

Sadly - you've missed out, as the run is already sold out. But maybe the team will find a way to squeeze in a few more seats, we recommend keeping up with their social media channels just in case.


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