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Assassins gets a face lift!


1st July 2020

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Assassins gets a face lift!

With all the exciting imagery kicking around regarding both Elf and Hunchback, we wanted to inject some colour into our next outing, Assassins the Musical, which is to be staged out our very own home "The Wellington Rooms" only a small number of weeks before our Panto and then of course our Christmas treat Elf!

The Assassins team have been hard at work in the background trying to plan amid the uncertainty of the Lockdown, with the one major driving factor helping them along; that we still plan very much to try and make this project happen, in the face of all the problems every theatre is facing at the moment. It’s still very much unknown when, or how, rehearsals can continue, so in the meanwhile here is some new Assassins artwork to remind everyone how great this project will be.

The team have commented that many people feel Assassins is a ‘Dark’ musical, undoubtedly it has some grit, but often artwork constructed for this piece focus in on dark and arguable depressive themes, but much like all works of Sondheim, this piece is also packed full of light, shade and colour, like the designers have hoped to capture in their new designs.

We you hope you agree with us that the team have captured the themes perfectly, and it reminds you to go ahead, if you haven’t already, and book some tickets!


Perhaps a little look at a past professional trailer might whet your appetite even further....

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