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AGM - February 9th


20th January 2021

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

AGM - February 9th

So much, but let's face it so little too, has happened this year!

While all the planning, and then re-planning, cancelling and replacing has been frantically going on this last year, we've also been working hard in the background to try and make sure the society is the strongest and most prepared it can be to return dramatically to the stage as soon as we can, better than ever before.

We need your help, votes, and opinions to make all this happen, and we hope you want to find out about all of it and contribute at our AGM in just a few weeks time, on the 9th Feb on zoom.

All current members should have already recieved the invitation formally by their chosen communication preference, however...

If you are not a current member - it's not too late!

One of the society's biggest core values is Your Opinion Matters and we therefore need to hear it. 

Why not become a member now?

Aside from the hugely important financial support your membership provides for the group at this difficult time, it also allows us to keep you better updated, and hear your opinions. If a member were to sign up, and organise thier membership payment, in the near future, before our AGM, they have the right to come along and vote like all the other members.

Just click the sign up button below and read the options, it starts from as little as 29p a week!

We look forward to seeing your faces in a box on the screen on the 9th Feb! :)


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