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A Christmas Show Announcement


15th July 2022

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

A Christmas Show Announcement

Another New Show Announcement

Another instalment into the Wellington Rooms Production Portfolio.....

We have mentioned to members on multiple occasions that we were excited about suggestions for more in-house wellington rooms productions & we saw how much everyone has enjoyed seeing plays in the rooms recently, and fancied joining in the fun. We've been massively fortunate that a very supportive member has been creating a new staged adaptation of a very famous & popular story, and we want to premiere it in our very own Wellington Rooms this Christmas.

A Christmas Carol, a play written and adapted by Richard Armstrong, Wellington Rooms Studio, December 1st - 4th 2022

A festive tale of redemption and compassion to embody the spirit of Christmas

Ebenezer Scrooge is a squeezing, wrenching, grasping old miser - mean to those who owe his moneylending business debt, to those work for him, and to his remaining family; A main devoid of optimism, compassion, love and kindness.

On a frigid Christmas eve he is visited by the ghost of his former business partner, the now deceased Jacob Marley, who warms Scrooge that unless he can change his ways he will be doomed to an afterlife free from rest & peace and cursed by endless sorrow.

Scrooge is then visited by the Ghosts of Christmas' Past, Present and Future who attempt to show him the error of his ways and offer him an opportunity at redemption. When he wakes up on Christmas Day following the ghostly visits, Scrooge is determined to make amends to the individuals and community whom have suffered by his actions; he visits his long-suffering clerk, his nephew, and his former intended, before laying on the greatest Christmas feast, for rich-and-poor alike, that London has ever seen.

This new adaptation of Charles Dickens immortal Christmas staple is a play intertwined with traditional Christmas carols, and has been specifically created for the immersive space of the Wellington Rooms Studio.

HAOS Productions is proud to kick-off the Christmas season by presenting this timeless classic to warm the hearts and get people into the festive spirit. We know it's the middle of a heatwave, but hope this starts to make you feel a bit Christmassy!

Watch this space for Launch/Audition info coming soon!


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