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The Ghost of Christmas Past?


9th January 2023

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

The Ghost of Christmas Past?

The Ghost of Christmas past?  -  it's only a few weeks ago!
We are always surprised, humbled, and blown away by the offers of help we get from our members and supporters but Christmas Carol is a fine example indeed....

As part of the society's 20/20 Vision - a reshaping of the society's outlook, ethics, morals and most importantly the opportunities for all our members - we invited everyone to suggest some 'home grown projects' that would champion some of the best of our newly reinforced ideals. Since that moment Richard Armstrong has been the one of the most prolific contributors to this cause. After birthing and carrying to fruition the Assassins project in November of 2021, he offered to not only create and manage our first play in the rooms, but also be the writer too. 

Richard offered a fresh new look at the Charles Dickens' Classic "A Christmas Carol", including opportunities for cast members to play multiple, & freshly created parts; We think everyone will remember how his created Nicholas the "annoying" Carol Singer was appreciated by all. (Thank you Lee!)

This was truly a unique experience created by a few great minds, and - in the words of Bob Cratchit - "yet another triumph". Enhanced throughout by the musical mastery of Mr Tony Dylak, a skilled contributor that we are extremely fortunate to call a friend, and one who constantly gives his time voluntarily, A Christmas Carol was a visual and auditory festive feast.

We think what Richard & Tony created was something entirely personal to HAOS, and will never be seen again, we hope you all enjoyed this fantastic and exclusive moment. Well done all.

And we also had an amazing food collection too!
Sadly we have to thank Richard again! He sorted this, but what an fantastic thing he did. This was truly humbling..... 

When Richard suggested we should do a food/provision collection for the homeless of Halifax we thought it would be a great idea of course, BUT we had no idea just how generous all our audience members would be. We set a medium sized table up in the foyer ready to collect the few items we expected. But this table was filled on the first night!

WE WERE BLOWN AWAY by the final collection

Take a look below at the eventual offering presented with our cast. We hope you are as proud as we are, and join us in thanking Richard once again for his continual efforts.


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