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Assassins gets a new MD


19th April 2021

18th January 2024

18th January 2024

17th January 2024

Assassins gets a new MD

Assassins gets a new addition to the team.....

Well, the pubs have opened again, people are showing off their new haircuts, and on Sunday the HATY kids were singing their socks off in the rooms, it feels like the road to recovery is well and truly underway, which for us means one important thing - SHOWS!
Next in the line-up for HAOS is Sondheim's masterpiece "Assassins," which is to be staged at our very own home, the Wellington Rooms.

You will of course remember that this show had already firmly began it's journey some time ago, with a cast already announced, the infamous Mr Richard Armstrong at the helm, supported closely by our favourite musical trustee, Mr Michael Gilroy. A year later, and things have changed a little, due to the developing situation over the last 12 months, some new opportunities involving potential study have presented themselves to Michael, and therefore he has made the tough decision to step down as MD to protect this show from any compromise relating to his available time.

However, when god closes a door, he opens a window, and although Michael leaves some big shoes to fill, we are thrilled to announce that the window has been opened, and a familiar face with an enormous amount of talent is happy to jump through it and stick those shoes on. We couldn't be happier to welcome Mr Tony Dylak to the team as Musical Director for our November in-house production of Assassins the Musical.

Tony Dylak is no stranger to the society, or indeed the Musical Theatre scene, both here in Halifax, and also across West Yorkshire and beyond. A stalwart supporter of HAOS and HATY having appeared as Musical Director for us in the past most recently at "Memories from the Musicals" at the Victoria Theatre in 2018, and "Cabaret" at the Square Chapel in 2015, but also one of the most familiar faces in any of our bands/orchestras for decades (perhaps more years than Tony would like to admit!).

Everyone likes a hug from Tony, and with his musical knowledge, passionate approach to the delivery of success, and a smile for everyone, Tony is a great addition to any team, and we are thrilled that he has accepted the offer to come and help us mount the challenging production that Assassins is sure to be.

We may have to distance hug for a little bit more though Tony if that is possible! :)


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