January Results are in!!!


20th January 2021

22nd February 2021

20th January 2021

20th January 2021

16th December 2020

It's cold, It's definitely wet, but hopefully this will warm someone up....

After our huge double money Christmas Draw where the winners collectively took home £170, we are back to our standard draw, but with a new year comes new (god awful) weather and new winners, so here it is - our jammy January jackpotters are....



£50 - Ashley Wade (Number 88)

£25 - Tracey Corina (Number 67)

£10 - Ian Halligan (Number 45)


*NB. - Our illustrious Treasurer, Harry Illingsworth, has kindly requested that the lucky winners contact him directly (usual ways work, or at to organise their preferred method of prize acquisition.

We have only a handful of numbers still remaining. If you’re interested, get in touch with Harry or Ben or sign-up on the website here, it really couldn't be easier, and its a great way to help keep the society going.

Happy New Year!

The 100 Club Team

p.s. we meant to announce these winners live at our "Let's get quizzical!" event but Paul, Ben & Jonathan did such a good job of keeping us entertained that we forgot! sorry!! :)