May 100 Club Winners


30th June 2020

23rd September 2020

09th September 2020

07th September 2020

Our May 100 Club winners are.....

Ok, yes you're right... we are a little behind!

With everything going on in Lockdown it's difficult for us to get together and be as efficient as we like to be throughout the year, and the 100 club draw is something we like to do with a number of people together to ensure it is witnessed and meets the draw standards in our T's and C's.

With this in mind we have been able to draw the May numbers recently, and will draw the June and July numbers together in just a few short weeks. Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

And the winners are....

£50 – Sheila Lloyd (number 15)
£25 – Paul Addy-Armitage (number 23) Donated back - He's a good egg!
£10 – Chris Walker (number 69)

We still have some available numbers. If you’re interested, get in touch with Harry or Ben or sign-up on the website here, it really couldn't be easier, and its a great way to help keep the society going.

Also, while you remain playing the 100 club you will be a social member too for free!  Please see our Terms and conditions (FAQs) for further information.