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Welcome to HATY's audition information page. Here you will find out more about the show, including which parts are available and how you can get involved with this production. 

To make sure you don't miss out on any key information just follow the simple steps below:


STEP 1: Read the 'How To Be Involved' handbook very carefully to understand what you are committing to by being a cast member of this show and see detailed information on the casting or signup process

STEP 2: Review the audition material and make a decision on which position within the cast you would like to audition for

STEP 3: Email to confirm you have read all the information and would like to proceed and receive the password to access the protected audition material download area.

STEP 4: Sign up by following the link posted at the bottom of any of the audition pages to gain your audition place. Please note this form will automatically close as stated at the beginning of the form, you will not be able to apply thereafter.

STEP 5: Practice and if possible learn the material if applicable, utilising the audition aids available on this site

STEP 6: Attend the audition day and show us what you can do :) 


You can find other useful documents on our website including the HATY Handbook, Casting Principles and Safeguarding Policy.


If you have any questions about HATY or the audition process then please email


We wish you all the best of luck in your auditions.

How to be involved

How to be involved. - Read this so you know exactly what it takes to be in this show.

Audition Material

Audition Material

So, Hopefully you still want to be involved!

Now please take a look at the detailed descriptions of each role in the show by clicking the names below. To view/download the audition material you'll need a password to access those pages which you can get by requesting it via email at

Please don't forget to send Jane your online EOI form (click any of the names above, there is a link at the bottom of the page.)

Enjoy your audition, and good luck!

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